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Meals for Families
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Happy Little Campers
We provide meals for individuals and families and will deliver the meals.  Depending on the situation, they will either be prepared and ready to cook, or will be cooked and ready to eat.  
At The Pamela Caglianone Foundation, we are aware that when you are living with cancer, treatment takes over your life.  The small things are the things that get "lost in the shuffle".
We have a philosophy that we want to take care of the day to day to help make things "normal" again.

During the holiday season, we deliver toys to the children that are in the cancer center of our local hospitals.  We choose a different hospital each year.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to have Santa join us.  
We will provide a child the funds available to go to R.O.C.K. camp in central Florida.  This camp is a week long and is has a full medical staff.  This camp gives kids the much needed time to be kids again after being in and out of hospitals and not being to play sports with their friends and teams.  
If you have any question or are interested in getting involved with our foundation, please fill out the form and we will get back to you.